Forging Your Path to Supply Chain Transparency

Consumers are demanding more honesty from their favorite hemp and CBD products — from ingredient lists to test results, manufacturing process details, and even labor conditions. And while this level of detail may be more accessible for brands with in-house manufacturing, others may have a harder time capturing full and accurate data throughout the supply chain.

The good news? There are ways to cover all the bases of your supply chain — via smart business practices and technology — to help you stay compliant and build a devoted customer base.

Here’s how you do it.

1. Build a culture of trust with your partners.

Earning customer loyalty starts with trusting your manufacturing and retail partners. Foster strong partnerships by setting clear expectations from the beginning, validating everyone’s business goals, and emphasizing one clear outcome: Maximizing efficiency and profitability for everyone. That means insisting on full transparency up and down the supply chain.

All relevant details should be collected (via proper tracking processes) and reported honestly for every handoff, from a product’s raw materials and their origins to cultivation variables, movement and transportation history, operational output, retail / medical sales data and beyond.

2. Use supply agreements.

It’s critical for your partnership commitments to be documented and signed — not just through a purchase order (which is typically limited to the specific details of each order). Consider using supply agreements, which are contracts that include information about each party’s expectations, compliance details, document and testing disclosures, and affirmations about business practices and audit capabilities.

This added layer of transparency helps ensure your hemp and CBD stays compliant throughout the supply chain and adheres to the standards agreed upon by you and your partners.

3. Lean on technology.

The digital era has made life easier for buyers and businesses alike. End-to-end tracking can be complex and time-consuming – but the tech marketplace is bursting with options to help you easily share critical data with partners and customers.

All-in-one hemp and CBD management software solutions such as KLER’s are designed to enhance operation visibility across the entire supply chain. Businesses everywhere are using KLER to regain control over crop management, toll processing, inventory tracking, wholesale visibility, chain of custody, lab testing results, vendor tracking, bill of materials, and top-of-the-line data reporting — important factors that ensure your business remains compliant and profitable.

Take control of the supply chain.

As consumers bring more exacting standards to the buying experience, it’s critical that you have the right partnerships in place and the best technology to support you. Whether you’re a cultivator, manufacturer, or retailer, KLER can help strengthen your partnerships and help you build a loyal customer base by helping you track all of your important data — every step of the way.