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Research Spotlight: The Hemp Industry’s Biggest Knowledge Gaps

Any industry with massive potential needs more research to achieve and sustain success — and hemp is no exception.

Ironically enough, a new survey from the National Hemp Research and Education Conference confirms the need to expand what we know about hemp. The study surveyed hemp stakeholders across the country to find out what areas of research were most needed to help propel the hemp industry today and tomorrow. 

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Cashing in On Smokable Hemp

Smokable hemp is among the fastest growing — and most profitable — segments of the hemp-CBD market. Annual sales are expected to grow from $70 million in 2019 up to $400 million by 2025. And although it is only a fraction of today’s $1.2 billion total hemp-derived CBD market, smokable hemp presents a lucrative opportunity for producers and retailers. Here’s what you need to know.

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Hot Hemp Can Damage Your Business. Here’s How to Prevent It.

0.3% — it’s an absurdly low percentage that can make or break your entire hemp operation.

But that’s the limit set by Federal and state laws for the delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels that can be in your hemp product.

What is hot hemp and why does it matter?

Anything above a 0.3% of THC level in hemp is considered “hot” — and illegal at the federal level. Cannabis with a THC concentration below 0.3% is classified as hemp, while plants above 0.3% THC are considered marijuana. This makes it wildly important to understand the sampling process and how to prevent hemp crops from overproducing THC.

In October 2019, the interim hemp sample collection guidelines were released. They outline precise requirements for collecting and analyzing THC levels. Among them:

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